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About Us

"...Passionate about buildings: Reviving the Past, Inspiring the Future"

Our goal is to live up to our motto. Our focus lies in historical landmark preservation, rooftop construction and parking garage restoration, and roofing services, catering to private high-end clients. We collaborate with Developers, Architects, Property Managers, and General Contractors to construct, restore, and renovate their commercial and residential buildings.


Our dynamic management and construction team brings a wealth of experience and a startup spirit, aiming to revolutionize the industry. What sets us apart is our commitment to utilizing the latest construction technologies and techniques in our everyday operations. By staying at the forefront of advancements, we distinguish ourselves from competitors and deliver superior results. Our utmost priority is client satisfaction and the meticulous restoration of buildings.


Join us as we change the landscape of construction and restoration, delivering exceptional results every step of the way.


Project Highlights


Situated on the South East corner of Lexington Avenue and 57th Street, LX57 re-envisions the building’s original Art Deco aesthetic, augmented throughout by materials and features selected with your wellbeing in mind. The exterior redesigned by Gensler features a restored façade and brand new windows. Royal was in charge of completing the Building Envelope Upgrade to a 21st century standard. 

Hyatt Grand Central

Originally named The Commodore Hotel, it opened on January 28, 1919. In 1980, real estate developer Donald Trump converted the hotel to the Grand Hyatt New York.


Royal was entrusted with the Facade Restoration, building envelope improvements and maintenance of Building Maintenance Units (BMU) system repairs

10 Grand Central

Designed by Ely Jacques Kahn in 1931, 10 Grand Central embodies the architect’s “New York style,” a term he coined in a 1931 New York Times article. This  38-story Beaux Arts beauty got a modern year-long facade restoration. Work included parapet replacements, corner rebuilding, brick repair and replacement, roof replacement, decorative stone repair, terracotta repair and replacement. Extensive work was performed to reinforce and restore decorative metal elements at the parapets.



Black Rock

The CBS Building, also known as Black Rock, is a prominent 38-story skyscraper designed by Eero Saarinen in Midtown Manhattan. Its distinctive facade features angled dark-gray granite piers alternating with dark-tinted glass, creating a continuous slab appearance.

Royal restored the granite facade and improved waterproofing elements throughout the building all elevations. 


Mobil Building

The Socony-Mobil Building is a 45-story skyscraper in Manhattan, standing at 572 feet tall. It features a three-story base with primary and secondary entrances, flanked by wings rising to the 13th story. The tower above is clad in stainless steel, comprising 7,000 panels. Constructed between 1954 and 1956, it has undergone renovations and changes in ownership, becoming a designated New York City landmark in 2003. 

Royal performed the restoration of the metal panels and rejuvenation of the facade allowing it to bring back it's marvelous shine. 



580 5th Ave Suite 3400

New York NY 10036


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